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BriLi Joi

Tracey Split Strap Backpack/Bag

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Tracey is a multi-functional bag. With the strap zipped closed, it wears nicely on the shoulder or over in the crook of your arm. Pull the zipper strap all the way back so the bronze slider is all the way at the top, and unzip for a backpack! With the adjustable strap moved all the way to the long end, many can wear it cross-body. Tracey measures roughly 11x14x5.5" in usable inside space, and with the main zippered opened, it is deceptively large! Pocket on the back keeps things safe against your body, large pocket on the front with pleat on the left is particularly handy when wearing over shoulder or arm. Main compartment also has a zippered pocket inside back and a fabric pocket inside front.
  • A Natural Product

    Please note that each individual cork oak tree is as unique as a fingerprint, and there are natural variations in the cork patterns and colorings. This may result in slight differences in what is pictured and what you receive.