Why cork?

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Renewable Resource

After cork it is harvested from the cork oak tree, it will grow back over and over, so that one tree can be harvested for up to 200 years. 

100% Natural

Producing cork fabric uses no chemicals or additives, and any scrap cork that comes from the process, if it is not used in another cork product, is returned to the earth and is 100% biodegradable. 

Stain Resistant

Cork repels water. It loves rain on the tree and it is not afraid of it on your purse! It will not watermark.

Cork resists not only water, but fire, allergens, bacteria, odors and dust, due to its almost impermeable cells, and it will not scratch!

Light Weight

Cork is incredibly light. Its unique cells are 50% air. If you haven’t felt one before, you will be surprised at how light your bag is! 


Cork is washable. While the fabric itself can be put in the washing machine, we do not advocate this for your finished bag! We do, however, suggest that you keep your cork piece clean and looking new by cleaning it regularly either with a baby wipe, (best for printed cork fabric), or a damp sponge. On the natural colored cork, even a mild dish soap is perfectly safe.  


Cork fabric is very soft. We are not talking about a wine cork or a cork board here. Cork fabric comes from the same tree, but good cork fabric is incredibly soft to the touch, and softens further as it wears.


Cork is durable. Will cork last as long as leather? Probably not, but it is tough, and when taken care of, your cork bag will be beautiful for years. We have seen cork wallets go on for many, many seasons. 

Portuguese cork is harvested from a tree an average of every 9 years or so, using one simple hand tool, after which the tree begins to absorb lot of CO2, (so good for humans!), and begins growing a new layer of cork!

The cork is brought to “processing” centers where it just sits and dries for 6 month, and then is boiled in nothing but water, to clean it and enhance the natural elasticity. It is then compressed to be shaved into thin sheets. No chemicals are used in this process.

After the cork is shaved into these thin sheets, a backing is added to make it able to be sewn. The cork can also have colors and and patterns added to it. It is this cork fabric that we use to make our bags, which are hand-sewn for us by a small, family owned company in Portugal.