What makes cork so special?

Our products are made from highest quality cork harvested from the Portuguese hill country. Once the bark of the cork tree is removed, it can be made into the perfect material for bags, purses, backpacks, and just about anything else. Not only is it incredibly soft, durable, and stain resistant, cork is a renewable resource that that can be grown and harvested again and again.


A little dressier, most of our handbags have a short handle so they can... 

Cork Jewelry

The majority of our cork jewelry is either handmade for us in... 

Crossbody Bags

Hands free and worry free. Something small and light is perfect for... 

You Have To Feel It To Believe It!

Our cork fabric is unbelievably soft and smooth. But It's almost hard to believe without experiencing it for yourself. That's why we offer "A Taste of Cork". If you have never ordered or purchased with us before we will send you a sample of our cork for the cost of shipping. Your sample will come in the form of a pouch that can be used as a coin purse, gift card envelope, lipstick holder, etc. This will help you truly understand its uniquely irresistible texture!

  • Renewable

    Cork is a natural resource. After it is harvested from the cork oak tree, it will grow back over and over, so that one tree can be harvested for up to 200 years. 

  • Reliable

    Cork is durable. It is tough, will not tear, and when taken care of, your cork bag will be beautiful for years. We have seen our customers from seasons past come back with their pieces looking great.

  • Resistant

    Cork resists not only water, but fire, allergens, bacteria, odors and dust, due to its almost impermeable cells, and it will not scratch! A real wonder of nature!