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BriLi Joi

Poppy Street

Poppy Street

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Nickel Free.  2 in 1 necklace that comes apart and can be worn together, one at a time, or mixed an matched with others!  Shorter "rose" layer hangs 16-18 1/2" , longer layer hangs 19-21". Shorter layer: 5/8" across, rimmed in clear crystal with a tiny faux pearl in the middle; longer layer: hangs 19-21". The tear drop shapes are coral and milky colored, underlined in clear crystal. Pair them up with any one of four combinations possible with the Poppy Street earrings, and mix and match with the Rose Marie, Poppy Street, and or Avon bracelets. 

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  • A Natural Product

    Please note that each individual cork oak tree is as unique as a fingerprint, and there are natural variations in the cork patterns and colorings. This may result in slight differences in what is pictured and what you receive.